Made in Italy, food and Hospitality

The three-year inter-class Bachelor's Degree Course in the Made in Italy brand, food and hospitality aims to develop qualified training in the field of Made In Italy, particularly regarding two thematic areas and activities: tourism and hospitality; food and wine products. To this end, the course is presented as an inter-class course. Thus, in the construction of the training programme, it brings together the opportunities, contents and objectives of the recently introduced Degree class L/GASTR Science, culture and policies of gastronomy and the essential features of Degree class L-15 Science of Tourism.

Why choose this course?

  • Because tourism, gastronomy and hospitality are leading sectors in the Italian economy and because greater training and qualification is required in these fields
  • Because Italy is well-known throughout the world thanks to its typical products, its food, its landscape and its network of accommodation facilities
  • Because the course guarantees cultural training to promote the Made in Italy brand all over the world
  • Because the course guarantees practical training for those who intend to work in the field of food and hospitality, using the highly-qualified laboratories of the Universit√† dei Sapori
  • Because the course emerged from a joint project between Confcommercio and Coldiretti and thus with the world of work and with the companies operating in this sector, to guarantee high-quality internships and on-the-job training and, after graduation, greater employment opportunities

Educational goals

Participants in the course will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • adequate knowledge of the culture and history of the Made in Italy brand
  • adequate knowledge of the subjects based on economics, geography, psychology applied to tourism, food and hospitality
  • basic knowledge (theories, methods and techniques), for analysing the systems of food production, food and wine and hospitality
  • adequate knowledge and skills in the fields of marketing and communication, aimed at acquiring the skills necessary to analyse and manage operational tools in the context of systems and processes aimed at spreading and promoting products, sectors and culture of food and tourism
  • tools necessary for performing market analyses in the context of tourism and products linked to the Made in Italy brand
  • basic knowledge for managing Made in Italy brand companies
  • broad and varied knowledge of areas and systems of agri-food production and gastronomic sciences
  • expertise linked to certified food products

Job opportunities

The graduate will be able to: work in the import-export field, particularly linked to Made in Italy brand foods, becoming an ambassador throughout the world for Italy, its culture, its typical products, food and wine and hospitality; work in tourism companies, agri-food and hospitality businesses, dealing with management, marketing, promotion and communication; taking on positions of responsibility in the field of promoting and increasing the value of Italian traditional products, with cultural and managerial responsibilities.

In particular, the graduate will acquire the following professional profiles:

  • commercial promoter and mediator abroad, particularly in the tourism and Made in Italy brand sectors
  • manager in charge of public relations, marketing and commerce for companies linked to tourism, the food industry and hospitality
  • technician specialized in the overseas marketing of goods and services produced in Italy
  • technician specialized in the management of companies linked to food and hospitality
  • journalist specialized in the topics of Made in Italy, food and hospitality
  • officer and director of agencies and public and private offices dedicated to the promotion of tourism and the promotion of Italy and the Made in Italy brand