How to enroll

Online enrolment in the three-year and Master degree courses

To register online

  • access the My Unistrapg Reserved Area (Esse3WEB)
  • fill in personal information needed to create a user profile and obtain a username and password
  • access the online services and fill out the enrolment form

Once you have completed the online procedure

  • print the enrolment form and the university taxes and fees payment slips to be payed using the PagoPA system
  • only once the Academic Office has confirmed that all the documentation is in order will the student receive an ID number and student record book valid for the entire period of study, in which all the exams taken will be recorded

Registration for students with non-EU citizenships (requiring a visa) to the three-year and Master degree courses

Students must present a request for pre-registration to the Italian Embassy in the country where they received their diploma. In the pre-registration request, the student must specify the chosen University and Degree Course.

While the request is being processed by the Italian consulate, the applicants are tentatively accepted by the university. Upon completion of the pre-registration process, the student will receive an Italian STUDENT (University) visa. In addition, the students must take an Italian proficiency exam, generally held in early September.

For further information consult the annual MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) circular, which lists all the procedures that must be completed by foreign students residing abroad and requiring a visa before they can be admitted to higher education courses (

Admission requirements to three-year and Master degree courses at the University for Foreigners of Perugia are listed above, in the “Admission Requirements” section.

Enrolment by EU citizens and Non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy (who don’t require a visa) into three-year/Master degree courses

To enrol into three-year/Master degree courses, EU citizens, non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy (who don’t require a visa) and Italians who have received diplomas required for enrolment abroad, can submit an application directly to the University in line with procedures listed in the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) circular, making sure to attach all the necessary documentation.


Enrolment into single classes

It is possible to enrol into individual classes making up the study plan of a specific University three-year/Master degree course.

Enrolment is possible for students and individuals in possession of the schooling required for University enrolment who are interested in attending individual classes for purposes of cultural enrichment, expansion of professional competences or acquiring University Credits that can be used for enrolment into University courses.

Enrolment is possible into up to a maximum of 5 classes per academic year and gives the right to attend classes and take the relevant exams. Following a request and approval by University authorities entrusted with the task, the credits received once the exams have been passed can be counted towards a University three-year or Master degree course subsequently enrolled into by the student.

Part-time students

If, for justifiable reasons (work, family or health), one is unable to attend University full time, one can request the legal status of a part-time student. By signing a contract, the University consents to the obtainment of the credits required for a degree over a period exceeding normal course length, without being penalized for exceeding the prescribed course period.


Enrolment into academic years subsequent to the first

To enrol into an academic year subsequent to the first, a student must first:

  • access the My Unistrapg (Esse3WEB) reserved area using credentials obtained during initial registration
  • request enrolment into the new academic year

Once the online procedure is complete, the student must

  • print the pay slip for the first tuition instalment and as well as any subsequent instalments and pay using the PagoPA System
  • only when the renewal procedure has been completed will the student be able to proceed with his/her course of study

Non-EU students residing abroad must submit a copy of a valid residence permit to the Academic Office in addition to the documentation listed on the “Enrolment to Academic Years Subsequent to the First” page of the University webpage to renew their enrolment.