Services for students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) and disability

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The University for Foreigners of Perugia guarantees the right to university education for disabled students and students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD).

The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion plans and organises specific measures to support students according to their needs, taking into account technical and economic feasibility and available expertise.

Here you can find information about the services offered by the University to support your study project.

In order for a student to be recognized as "student with SLD" the University must obtain certification with the diagnosis (issued by the NHS or other accredited institution).

The Italian legislation plans compensatory and dispensatory measures of educational such as:

Admission test/ verification of knowledge (OFA):

  • additional time (not exceeding 30%)
  • further measures, such as calculator


  • additional time (not exceeding 30%)
  • possibility of oral rather than written tests, taking into account the individual skills
  • reduction in quantitative, but qualitative, evidence if it cannot be guaranted the extra time
  • evaluation of content rather than form and spelling

Entire track of studies:

  • use of texts in digital form
  • use of speech programs
  • use of any other technological device felt useful to support the study and exams

Close to you even if physically far

we value diversity


  • Mediation among students and teachers
  • Support for international exchanges
  • Orientation and tutoring
  • Technological aids
  • Accompaniment services
  • Adaptation of the lessons, educational materials and examinations
  • Interpretation in Italian and/or international Sign Language

Additional specific services can be evaluated. For organizational reasons, students are requested to fill out the application form


Stefania Tusini
Rector's Delegate for inclusion policies, Committee's President

dott.ssa Francesca Massa

sig.ra Nadia Perini

dott.ssa Valentina Seri

sig.ra Gaia Belardinelli

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Committee for integration and support of disabled students and with SpLDs

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