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2022 _ World Water Day 

2018 – The water chair promotes and host INFORMATION SHARING MEETING, held in University for foreigners of Perugia, within the SMA.RI.GO.2.0 project, cofinanced by Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) and Sponsored by Italian Foreign Ministry

2017 _ The water chair promotes and host IHP-UNESCO Region 1 Meeting

2017 _ Workshop: New Insight for Hydrological Observation
In occasion of IHP-UNESCO Region 1 meeting, held in Perugia on June 15th-16th 2017, the Italian National Committee of IHP-UNESCO jointly to the MOXXI-IAHS Working Group (http://iahs.info/Commissions--W-Groups/Working-Groups/MOXXI.do) promotes a workshop with the aim to provide an overview of research activities of the Italian scientific community concernin

2016 - Unesco Chair promotes Laurea Honoris Causa to Irina Bokova

The Honorary degree to Irina Bokova was conferred by the unanimous and convinced decision by the University for Foreigners of Perugia with the permission of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Laudatio: Professor Ubertini. Lectio Doctoralis Irina Bokova.

Selection of education programs

(2013-2018) MA course module: Geographical information systems (38 h). MA course module on ‘geographical information systems’ at two-year master's degree programmes MA in International relations and development cooperation of University for Foreigners of Perugia.

(2013-2018) MA course module: Communication and management of natural disaster (40 h). MA course module on ‘Communication and management of natural disaster” at two-year master's degree programmes MA in International relations and development cooperation of University for Foreigners if Perugia.

Courses offered by h2cu center. The UNESCO chair in "Water Resources Management and Culture" contributed to several education activities and programs of the partner H2CU – Honors Center of Italian Universities, which is an international research network including 21 Italian universities and 3 research institutes.

2017 - International summer school July - Fordham university, New York.

The stringent requirements in cultural heritage preservation and the emerging use of innovative solutions for consolidation, recovery, rehabilitation, re-functionality and energy retrofit of historic buildings, represent a new professional path required by the real-world market. Humanities focus is also dedicated to the preservation of ancient oral traditions from the Middle Ages by highlighting new dimensions of intangible cultural heritage such as the magic dimension, the power of rituals, the charms of liturgy, science, medicine, etc. In this view, these two parallel 2-week long summer courses are aimed at sharing knowledge and new technical skills within these two umbrellas, both aimed at appreciating this legacy of physical science artifacts and intangible attributes for the current and next generations.

Course 1: Orality and Cultural Heritage: Magic and Charms in the Medieval Germanic Tradition;

Course 2: Structural strengthening and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

2018 - New York International program on world cultural heritage studies with Fordham University, New York.

  • Summer School: The Cultural Construction of Places; 13 - 27 August 2018 Fordham Campus at the Lincoln Center NYC.
  • Fall Program: World Cultural Heritage Studies. 29 start August 2018 End 20 December 2018 Location Fordham Campuses at the Lincoln Center and at the Bronx.
  • “WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE STUDIES” – 2018 World Heritage Preservation
  • Engineering and Architecture, Summer Program in Italy:
    • interventions in archeological sites (Napoli Federico II University) / 18 – 27 June 2018.
    • monitoring the historic buildings (Palermo University) / 10 – 14 September 2018

Summer Program in New York:

  • structural strengthening and rehabilitation of historical buildings (Fordham University, New York) / 16 – 28 July 2018;
  • rehabilitation of contemporary historical buildings and case studies (Fordham University, New York) / 30 July – 11 August 2018

Research projects

2016 - 2018

  • The role of the channel in flood propagation in natural and environment. Supported by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.
  • Connected and shared Science: Unesco Water Chair website redesign

The objective of the UNESCO Water Chair website redesign was to make the website institutional and at the same time usable and clear even to those users who do not know the UNESCO Water Chair.

  • Increase cooperation among similarly-themed and/or regional water chairs and water centres through information sharing platfor

Starting from the redesign of the web site of Unesco Chair in Water Resources Management and Culture, it was decided to create an information sharing platform to increase cooperation among similarly-themed and/or regional Water Chairs and Water Centres. This communication platform is aimed to be a tool for building a uniform, qualitative, and effective scientific disclosure on water related issues. The communication platform is based on the conviction that information and communication are prerequisites for developing a relationship with the surrounding world and in this case to increase relationships between all the Unesco Water Chairs and to spread information through the audience. By planning and integrating this platform, communication can significantly support the development of the chairs and to develop common goals.

Collaboration and linkages (specify activities which involve other UNESCO chairs and/or members of the water family)

  • Collaboration with UNESCO Chair on prevention and sustainable management of geo-hydrological hazards, University of Firenze.
  • Inaugural meeting prevention and sustainable management of geo-hydrological hazard. Firenze, 27 October 2016 Italy
  • ‘Mobilising UNESCO Chairs in Natural Sciences for Policy Action Towards the 2030 Agenda, 5-7 July 2017 University of Geneva Geneva, Switzerland
  • The Geneva Lake Workshop - UNESCO academic network towards the 2030 Agenda, 7 March 2018. Switzerland, Lausanne
  • The strong cooperation with the UNESCO Headquarters and WWAP led to the definition of the “Perugia Acion Plan” in the first UNESCO Water Chair meeting;
  • The promotion of the Laurea Honoris Causa to Irina Bokova, DG UNESCO, from the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy, February 2016;
  • The cooperation with the UNESCO headquarters will be further enhanced;
  • The meeting of UNESCO IHP Region 1 National Committees was held in Perugia and was organized and coordinated by our UNESCO chair.
  • The establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Heritage Conservation SHeC
    Project made by the UNESCO chairs belonging to the group "Urban Planning, Urban Sustainability, Tourism", TEST (set up by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO on May 24, 2017), to establish in Italy, directly connected with the Mediterranean region, a research and training center, based on humanistic principles, concerned with the conservation of cultural and natural heritage.