Veronica Strina

Immagine profilo di Veronica Strina
XXXVII ciclo (2021-2024)
Diplomazia e cooperazione internazionale
Dipartimento di Scienze umane e sociali internazionali (SUSI)
Progetto di ricerca: 

Xivilising world politics: unravelling China’s global role via Beijing’s Foreign Cultural Policy Analysis

The research project delves into the evolution of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) foreign cultural policy to decode its global role at a time of changing world order. Adopting a Global IR perspective that aims to capture the ongoing fragmentation of global governance and the increasing demand for new principles and approaches, the research seeks to explore the articulation of China’s distinctive proposal for the reform of global governance. Sport diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and academic diplomacy constitute the three case studies to investigate Beijing’s evolving global role and are respectively examined through the lens of the 2008-2022 Beijing Olympics, the Confucius Institute project, and finally the Academic Silk Road.

Interessi di ricerca: 

Public diplomacy; cultural diplomacy; sport diplomacy; Chinese soft power; Confucianism; foreign policy analysis; discourse analysis.