International and advertising communications (ComIP)

The three-year Bachelor's Degree Course in International and advertising communication responds to the more current requirements of the world of work, and provides communication specialists with digital, linguistic and  communication skills, allowing them to find employment in the fields of advertising and business communication, of non-profit and institutional communication, and in institutions operating at national and international levels.

There are two curricula:

the International Communications (ComIP-I) programme will qualify the graduate to work in the field of communication strategy and technology in the public, non-profit and private sectors. The student will follow courses in history, law and politics, as well as a shared course in communications.

the Advertising Communication (ComIP-P) programme teaches corporate communication, marketing, social and advertising communications. The programme includes lessons in semiotics, business finance and digital communication.

Educational goals
  • acquire theoretical knowledge and methodological-professional skills in the subjects of communication and language, economics, law and social sciences
  • gain deeper knowledge of the psychological, psycho-social and sociological dynamics of communication
  • develop knowledge regarding the systems of mass communication and digital communication
  • acquire functional skills in designing and developing communication plans
  • gain a high level of skill in managing internal and external communication flows
  • develop skills in the use of the Italian language, particular regarding the writing of promotional and advertising texts, to be conveyed through various types of digital and non-digital environments and means of communication
  • acquire deeper knowledge of two languages of the European Union and the relative sectorial languages of communication
  • develop specific computer skills, particularly related to information technologies
  • acquire skills aimed at intercultural communication

Professional opportunities

The Course trains participants to become communication specialists to be employed at press offices and public relations offices, opinion poll and market survey institutes, editorial businesses and news media, radio and television broadcasters, web services agencies, local authorities, foundations, political parties, unions and national and transnational associations. More specifically, the specialization in international Communication makes it possible to hold positions in:

  • international cooperation organizations
  • citizenship offices and services supporting multicultural coexistence
  • organizations operating internationally in the field of cultural relations

Specialization in Advertising Communication is, instead, aimed at creating high level professional profiles, making it possible to find employment in:

  • advertising agencies (art director, copywriter, media planner, web advertising)
  • marketing and communication consulting agencies
  • events organization agencies
  • social media management, web mastering