Advertising communication, storytelling and culture of image (ComPSI)

macchina fotografica computer portatile e tavoletta grafica

The Bachelor's Degree Course in Advertising communication, storytelling and culture of image trains participants to become specialists in strategic management in the field of communication, who are able to increase the internal and external value of institutions and businesses.

Along with the theoretical knowledge of strategic communication, graduates in this Master's Degree will have high-level skills in designing and developing communication plans, also at international level, thanks to their fluency in several foreign languages.

Educational goals
  • develop in-depth knowledge of the linguistic-semiotic and sociological spheres, useful in the management of communication techniques, particularly regarding the writing of advertising texts
  • acquire skills in the creation and implementation of audio-visual and digital products in the field of advertising and business communication
  • gain specific skills in the design and development of communication plans
  • develop a theoretical and technical knowledge of the different means of communication
  • acquire the psycho-social, qualitative and quantitative tools of analysis necessary for control and verification of the communication product
  • gain a good command of two languages of the European Union and of the relative sectorial languages of communication
  • develop skills in the promotion, management and use of information and communication technologies

Professional opportunities

The graduate will be able to hold positions of responsibility in the field of communication in public, private and non-profit organizations, communication and publicity agencies, press and public relations offices, editorial and multimedia businesses, media centres and television and film production companies. Other professional fields of reference are radio, television and online editorial offices, daily newspapers and magazines and press agencies.

Professional profiles:

  • art director, copywriter, media planner
  • communication and marketing manager, product manager, media manager
  • audio-visual and multimedia product designer
  • press officer
  • web master, web designer, web content manager
  • professional and director of news management and relationship strategies with the media

The attainment of the Master's Degree in Advertising Communication, Storytelling e Culture of image, degree category LM92 (Communication Theory), is the qualification needed to access the subject certification for teaching: A-65 Communication theory and technique. This subject can be taught during the second two-year period at Technical Institutes, Technological sector, specialization in Graphics and Communication.