Extra Erasmus Mobility - Incoming students

Incoming students

Dear exchange student, the University for Foreigners in Perugia, one of the oldest and most prestigious Institutions in Italy in the field of teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners, is proud to welcome you in a unique reality, where Italian and foreign students are called to live in a multiethnic environment, taking full advantage of the best conditions for their studies in such international context.

The personnel of the Erasmus program and International mobility office will be constant reference for you throughout all your stay, to help you to live an important experience of study and information.

How to apply: necessary documents

  • Application form
  • Nomination letter (To be released by the International Office of the Home University) which must include:
  1. Name, Surname, date of birth, home address of the student
  2. Period of stay at the Host Institution (from…to…) and kind of course to undertake
  3. Contacts of the student (email, phone)

Upon reception of the above mentioned documents, an official certificate of enrolment, indicating the courses dates, will be emailed to the applicants.


Nomination documents shall be submitted by:

  • Fall semester: 30 June
  • Spring semester: 30 November

Application documents should be submitted by:

  • Fall semester: 30 July
  • Spring semester: 30 December

Academic calendar 2024/25

  • Fall semester 2023: 1 October - 20 December 2024
  • Spring semester 2024: 3 March - 30 May 2025

Academic offer

Exchange students at the University for Foreigners Perugia are offered the opportunity to attend all the courses activated in the following areas

Ordinary Courses in Italian language and Culture for Foreigners (link)

Degree courses

  • Comunicazione Internazionale e Pubblicitaria (link)
  • Lingua e Cultura Italiana (linkI)
  • Made in Italy, Cibo e Ospitalità (link)
  • Digital humanities per l'italiano (link)
  • Studi internazionali per la sostenibilità e la sicurezza sociale (link)
  • Lingua e cultura italiana nel mondo digitale (LICIMoD)
  • Scienze sociali per la sostenibilità e la cooperazione internazionale (SoCI)
Master Degree courses
  • Comunicazione pubblicitaria, storytelling e cultura d'immagine (link)
  • Relazioni internazionali e cooperazione allo sviluppo (link)
  • Italiano per l'insegnamento a stranieri (link)

Course List:

  • Complete course list academic year 2024/25 (xls)
  • Mobility Tutors (xls)

Language requirements

Courses are taught in Italian (only a limited but growing number of subjects is currently taught in English).

Please note: Students with a poor knowledge of the Italian language (A1 and A2) are invited to attend courses in Italian language and Culture. The minimum level recommended for incoming student to attend classes of Degree courses is B1.

Accommodation service

Accommodation service is provided by the means of the ADISU (Regional Agency for the Right to Study of Umbria).

Students interested in applying for a place in the ADISU facilities must contact the staff of the secretary office for language courses at least two months before the beginning of the mobility writing to: corsidilingua@unistrapg.it

Useful information

  • Italian Visa (link)
  • How to get the ADISU canteed card (pdf)
  • How to get the "codice fiscale" (pdf)
  • Datasheet 2023/24 (pdf)