Course Attendance and Exams

All ordinary courses of Italian Language and Culture conclude with final examination.

For levels A2 to C2 exams take place at the end of each quarter and consist of written and / or oral exam. For elementary level 1 (A1) students can take exams at the end of the course, monthly and/or bimonthly. During exams classes are cancelled.

Admission to the examination is subject to attendance. Attendance can extend to a period of three academic years, three months courses Elementary A2, Intermediate B1 and B2, Advanced C1 and C2.

Attendance must be documented and assessed by the teacher course programme followed by the student. The certificate of regular attendance is a prerequisite for the preliminary examination. Irregular attendance is a bar to the exams.

The final examination is one for each level and consists of a series of tests. The duration of the examinations and contents vary depending on the level. The elementary and intermediate level for the final test is only linguistic. For advanced levels separate tests are submitted for each discipline of the student’s programme.

In the first week of the course it is allowed to pass on to another course. This may be higher or lower than the one assigned by the placement test, and is effected upon the student's request and with the approval of the language teacher. Students who have already attended a course may access a higher level if they passed the final examination for that course.