Italian language courses

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The Italian language courses have a minimum duration of four weeks and end with a final assessment.

To complete the A1 level, you need to attend a course for two months, while to complete the A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels you need to attend a three-month course.

The quarterly courses start in the months of January, April, July, October. The student, however, can enroll for one or more months at any time of the year.

Institutions, associations, and companies can request “tailor-made” courses, with duration and content suited to their needs.

The courses are characterized by an approach that encourages communication and interaction between participants, ensuring contact with the living language and Italian culture.

Lessons, lasting 50 minutes, take place every day, from Monday to Friday (2/4 hours per day).

Distance courses

Distance courses take place with the active participation of students who can interact with teachers (in synchronous mode) and partly, at times more convenient for the students, through activities and materials available online (in asynchronous mode).

The courses include:

  • daily live contact between students and teachers
  • constant monitoring and support of students by the teacher
  • collaborative learning through interaction tools (chat, forum etc.)

Synchronous lessons, lasting 50 minutes, take place every day from Monday to Friday (2/3 hours per day).

The times are organized considering the time zone of the country from which the students connect.
The definitive timetable will be communicated when the course is assigned.

Technical requirements for distance learning
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows (7 or later), Linux, Mac OS
  • Browsers: Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox (recommended), Safari, Opera. For any browser chosen, cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. You must also allow pop-up windows to open and have the flash player plugin installed
  • Hardware: audio microphone and webcam. Headphones with integrated microphone recommended

Upon registration, you will be assigned an email address through which you can access the virtual classes of the courses.

ATTENTION: To participate in the online courses, familiarity with computer equipment is required. You are required to know how to install and access Microsoft Teams and to be able to solve simple technical problems with your equipment. University staff cannot support students in solving technical problems arising from their equipment.

 Instructions for signing in to Microsoft Teams

 Structure and cost of the courses

Entry test

To access the course the student must pay the payment fee and take an entrance test.

The entrance test, mandatory for everyone, takes place online on the LOL platform (written test) and in person (oral interview).
It is advisable to access the platform in advance and connect using the access credentials received when registering for the language courses.

After taking the test, the student is assigned to the class of the appropriate level.
The university reserves the right not to activate a course in the absence of a sufficient number of students.

Admission to the tests and final exams

At the end of a course, after passing a final test, the student will be able to enroll in the next course.
For admission to the monthly tests or final exams of each level, a minimum attendance of 70% of the course is required.

Certificates and diplomas

Certificates are issued, upon request of the student, after verifying regular attendance of the course (at least 70% of the lessons).

The student can obtain the following certificates:

  • Certificate of attendance
    It is obtained after attending a monthly course, without taking a final test.
  • Profit certificate
    It is obtained after attending a monthly course, with a final test.
  • Diploma in knowledge of the Italian language
    It is obtained after attending a two-month (for the A1 level) or a quarterly (for the A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels) course and passing a final exam. In level C1 and C2 courses, the certificate of knowledge of the Italian language can only be obtained if 2 culture courses chosen from those offered monthly are also attended for the entire duration of the language course).

The amount relating to the issuing of the certificate of attendance and the diploma (and the related taxes due) is included in the enrollment fee for Italian language and culture courses.

 Course calendar

 How to enroll