Visa and sojourn permit

European Union Citizens

EU citizens who intend to stay in Italy for less than three months are exempt from any formality. These are equivalent to Swiss citizens and citizens of countries belonging to the European Economic Area - EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein). For periods longer than three months applicants must register at the office of city of residence.

Ufficio Immigrazione del Comune di Perugia
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Non-EU Citizens

All non-EU citizens who wish to enroll in a course of Italian language and culture (also for less than 90 days) must have of one of the following visas: study, diplomatic, work, religious reasons, family reunion.
Citizens in possession of an entry visa tourism for periods of less than 90 days from countries specified on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can also enrol in language courses.
The visa is issued by Italian Embassies and Consulates in the applicant’s state of origin.
It is not possible to issue a visa (nor the extension) to foreign applicants who are already in Italy.

The stay in Italy is for a period not exceeding 90 days.
Non-EU citizens, requiring a study visa of type C valid up to 90 days and non-renewable, who entered in Italy arriving directly from their country in an Italian airport and bringing an Italian entry stamp in their passport are exempted.
Applicants who made a stopover on European territory before arriving in Italy must present themselves (within 8 days of their arrival) to the Italian Police Station of the University for Foreigners to report their presence in Italy. The following documents are requested: passport, photocopy of passport, address in Perugia, a photograph.

The stay in Italy for a period exceeding 90 days
Non-EU citizens in possession of a student visa type "D" or "D" + "C", must complete the application made on the appropriate form (to be collected even at the Reception Office of the University), to be dispatched within 8 days of arrival in Italy, to a Post Office to police authority.

The University Hospitality Unit assists students in procedures for the issue of residence permit.

The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • photocopy of passport
  • photocopy of the statement certifying the course of study to follow, endorsed by the Diplomatic Consular Italian when issuing an entry visa
  • photocopy of the INA-Assitalia Insurance policy or the insurance policy made abroad and authenticated by the Italian Embassy, valid throughout the country for the duration of the residence permit against the risk of illness and / or injury
  • 16.00 Euro stamp
  • 70.46 Euro stamp duty

Applicants already in Italy for study purposes and with a residence permit near expiry must apply for renewal before expiry.