International studies for sustainability and social security

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Studi internazionali per la sostenibilità e la sicurezza sociale: contenuti e prospettive
Prof.ssa Maura Marchegiani, presidente del corso

Presentazione del corso del prof. Valerio De Cesaris

Intervista del prof. Valerio De Cesaris al TgR Umbria del 29 giugno 2020

This degree course, developed from a transdisciplinary point of view and featuring a high degree of internationalisation, is designed to deepen the theme of sustainability in its classic three dimensions of the economic, environmental and social spheres, in accordance with the guiding principles developed by the United Nations (Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development).

This course focuses on the area of social sustainability, with the aim of providing a wealth of knowledge that will allow both the immediate independent exercise of multiple functions in institutional and private social contexts, and the continuation of specialist training in the areas of development cooperation, human rights and environmental protection, diplomacy and international relations.

The international and transdisciplinary perspective of this course allows students to explore and understand the challenges of sustainability at international, national and local level, through an in-depth study of its environmental, social, economic and political aspects.

The network of institutions and partners directly involved in the course also offers students various opportunities for stays abroad and professional experience in an international context, through internships and work experience.

The course program is also international and offers students the opportunity to study many subjects and workshops in English. The course offers employment prospects in a wide range of professional fields, through an innovative educational model that combines training, research, practical experience, internationalisation and innovation.


Educational goals
  • provide graduates with knowledge of the disciplines of development, cooperation, social and political change
  • provide adequate knowledge of the phenomena of globalisation, intercultural and gender dynamics and the anthropological, social, cultural and institutional components of development, including at local level
  • guarantee the correct use, in addition to Italian, of at least two foreign languages (English and Spanish), in written and spoken form
  • possess adequate skills and tools for communication and information management at international level
  • acquire soft skills specifically consisting of both the ability to develop teamwork dynamics, also in international contexts and contexts, and the ability to elaborate and macroproject, also on an international scale

Professional opportunities

Given the main areas covered, this course prepares graduates to work in public authorities, educational institutions, international, institutional, non-governmental and third sector organisations, at local and/or international level, working in the field of the protection of fundamental rights, development cooperation, social and cultural cooperation and international relations.

The course combines the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and methodologies in the various fields of anthropological and social sciences applied to sustainability, with the acquisition of transversal skills and the performance of external activities, such as professional internships, which are an integral and compulsory part of the training.

Positions offered to top students include, among others, some particularly prestigious bodies and institutions, such as UNESCO, the Community of Sant'Egidio, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and UNICEF.

An extensive network of consolidated partnerships with public and private organisations and foreign universities allows the preparation of targeted study abroad and international mobility courses, serving to provide in-depth knowledge of the main sectors of the course, also within the framework of inter-university agreements.


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