Community hub Perugia

CULT is a physical space where you can study, collaborate and share the city. Life, creativity, innovation.
The community hub is a physical place made up of people and knowledge.

The logic of the hub communities - and CULT - is based on the recognition of the value of the territory, both at an aesthetic level whether from a cultural, economic and social point of view.

CULT's goal is to interact and collaborate, to restore knowledge and culture to the city community.
Regeneration, integration, innovation and internationalization are the words that make CULT recognizable.

CULT is open to students, professionals, artists, artisans, communicators, designers, consultants, graphic designers, designers, event organizers, trainers, inventors ... and to anyone who has to take, offer or exchange. Those who participate can develop business, study, drink and eat, chat, propose and share ... access is free and the platform is flexible.

CULT is:

Collaborative space

Flexible space that favors the confrontation- meeting between people and ideas. Open space, well lit and comfortable. Space for creativity and at the same time for training, aligning both these needs. Space with nothing fixed, but all adaptable according to the needs. Key ingredient for this space: the creation of a culture of the space community that embraces the collaboration and infuses its values, in all that it does.

Open Study Hall h. 24

Study room that allows students to work independently or share learning with classmates. Place dedicated to the moments of study during the day. For those in possession of a badge, access is allowed 24 hours on 24 to not limit the personal habits and timing of learning.

Silent Study Hall

Further study room, slightly more secluded and independent that allows you to dedicate yourself to learning always h. 24, but which, unlike the other, is distinguished by a request e therefore from a situation of greater silence to further favor the concentration.

Meeting room

Central place of human relations development, social and also professional, to learn from knowledge but also experience. Interchangeable with the study hall h. 24 because where there they are meetings and relationships are established, there is already learning.

Farmer community market

Small market of agricultural products zero kilometers, which aims to develop and strengthen the markets of farmers for long-term sustainability and impact significant part of the community. The challenge is to increase access to the markets community-based farmers, providing the neighborhood of reference and to people a secure Community area for access to fresh and healthy foods.


In the process of completion, it will be a co-managed kitchen, one space where all CULT visitors can access to cook the own meal sharing precisely the use of all the equipment. The goal of this collaborative kitchen space is to strengthen the sense of union and participation of the community, up to the cook together also in support of the external community.