University tuition and fees

Students who are experiencing economic problems are allowed to submit a equivalent economic status (ISEE) in the version "corrente".
Verification of legal conditions to issue the current ISEE is carried out by INPS and CAF (Tax assistance centre).
The "ISEE corrente" will replace the previously submitted one and its duration is of six months.
The "ISEE corrente" submitted before the deadline of December 10th, 2020 (deadline for the 2nd tax installment) will be used for the calculation of the second installment.
Legal reference Manifesto degli studi a.a. 2020-2021, Parte II - art. 5 - comma b)

The total sum to be paid for enrolling/registering to the three-year and Master degree courses includes of the following:

  • stamp duty
  • regional financial aid tax (TAR)
  • tuition

The tuition amount varies between ISEE brackets.

Payments are made in three instalments.
Late payments will be charged a penalty fee.

Income brackets

Income brackets are defined based on the ISEE index (Equivalent Financial Position Indicator) calculated for the financial year preceding registration/enrolment. The University tuition and fee amounts vary based on a student’s income bracket.

Income-based partial exemptions

To receive an income-based tuition reduction, students must:

  • declare their ISEE index every year, when enrolling or renewing enrollment, in the online area reserved to them
  • send their ISEE certification to the Academic Office

Merit-based partial exemptions

First-year students cannot receive merit-based exemptions. They can only request income-based exemptions. For students enrolled in the subsequent years, merit is calculated based on the average grade and the number of academic credits received with respect to those foreseen in the study plan. The merit-based partial reduction is applied to the third tuition instalment.

Partial exemptions for working students

Students with documented jobs in Italy that submit a timely request can receive a reduction of the third tuition instalment. Such students must transmit relevant documentation testifying to the fact to the Academic Office. The working student reduction is not cumulative and cannot be combined with the merit-based deduction.