Servizio IDEM

IDEntity Management for federated access

The University for Foreigners of Perugia is joining to IDEM Federation (IDEntity Management for federated access), the authentication and authorization infrastructure of the GARR network.

Idem is the first Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) which is designed to allow users of the national scientific and academic community easier access to services and contents available by several organizations.
GARR is the coordinator of IDEM Federation providing the core infrastructure, services and managing the membership.

IDEM offers to all users at University for Foreigners of Perugia the convenience of using login credentials to access all the resources available by IDEM members and partners.

Notes about user attributes released for federated authentication IDEM-GARR-AAI.

For technical support or assistance send an email to infrastrutture.informatiche (at)


Notes about user attributes release for federated authentication IDEM-GARR-AAI

When users access a resource, the system will release some users' personal information to Service Provider.
Below the list of attributes released by University for Foreigners of Perugia Identity Provider:

  • cn: user surname and first name; 
  • givenName: user first name;
  • sn: user surname;
  • mail: user e-mail address;
  • eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN): attribute derived by uid with addition of the organization suffix (;
  • eduPersonScopedAffiliation (ePSA): affiliation level within the organization (es. staff, member, student) with addition of the organization suffix (;
  • eduPersonTargetedID (ePTID): attribute that allows to manage session anonymously calculated by a random algorithm;
  • other information required by the service provider for access to a specific resource.

More information about personal data processing are available on the University for Foreigners of Perugia web site, in the Privacy e Cookie Policy section.


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