Alternanza scuola lavoro

"Dal sapere saper fare"

alternanza scuola lavoro

University for Foreigners Perugia adheres to the “School Work Alternation” ministerial project provided for under Law n.107 of 2015. The project, directed at secondary schools, aims to provide young people with the skills necessary to ensure they receive experience ‘in the field’ and successfully overcome the informational gap dividing the working world from the academic world. The School Work Alternation period is 400 hours for technical institutes and 200 hours for high schools. The alternation consists of educational activities carried out in collaboration with educators and/or sector experts, and internships at Ateneo.

"From knowing..."

Participate in seminars organised by the Univerisity! On request of educational establishments, internal and external seminars are organised whenever called for by the course curriculum.

" doing"

Get some work experience at our offices!

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