The University for Foreigners of Perugia

Ambassador of Italy in the world

The University for Foreigners of Perugia is the oldest and most prestigious national institution engaged in the teaching, research and promotion of the Italian language. 

This University has distinguished itself from the beginning as a symbol of open-mindedness and tolerance and as a meeting point for people of different cultures, and it’s always been a real ‘laboratory’ of intercultural education. Every year thousands of students come to Perugia from over 100 countries to study Italian Language and Culture. The courses take place all year and are structured along the lines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.

The University’s Assessment and Language Certification Centre (CVCL) issues language certificates, which attest the students level of knowledge of Italian as a Second Language. These certificates are the only Italian language certificates admitted by the ALTE - The Association of Language Testers in Europe - and can be issued in Italy or in other foreign certified offices all over the world.

Moreover, the Centre issues Teaching Methodology Certificates, which attests the teacher’s educational competence required for those who wish to become professional teachers in Italy and abroad.

Professional development courses for Teachers The University offers professional development courses for Teachers of Italian Language to foreigners. Each year scholarships are awarded to attend these courses.

Upon request, the University organizes special courses, for groups of students, focused on various aspects of Italian culture as Italian Art, Cuisine and Opera. The student will have the opportunity to interact directly with the Italian context, while improving their language skills. In addition to lectures in the classroom, these courses provide cultural activities, laboratories and guided tours, designed to deepen the knowledge of the Umbrian territory and Italian treasures.

The University for Foreigners of Perugia also offers undergraduate and post-graduate degree courses for Italian and foreign students. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses offered by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences covers two main reference areas:

  • Teaching and Promotion of the Italian language
  • Advertising Communications and International Relations


Campus Life

Our University is located in the historical building Palazzo Gallenga which is in the heart of the city; only a few steps away from the monumental Etruscan arch, one of the seven gates in the Etruscan walls of Perugia.

Just a five-minute walk from here, there is the University Campus: a complex of modern buildings situated in the splendid urban park of “Santa Margherita” and within walking distance from the historic centre.

The support services available have been put in place to fully meet the needs of our International students. A range of support can be offered to students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties.

In the main building of Palazzo Gallenga there is a police station where residency permits for students are issued, a small bank with an ATM, and a doctor’s office for basic medical assistance. The University Library contains 62,000 volumes and is specialized in history, literature, linguistics and Italian Art history. Students have access to many reading rooms designed for studying, book consultation and reading Italian and foreigner periodicals. The University has language labs, computer and multimedia laboratories. Free Wi-Fi is available in all buildings. There are cafés in both locations of the university and a canteen on campus.

At the Merchandise Office it’s possible to buy a wide variety of products with the University logo, such as clothing, stationery and gifts. All international students that have carried out courses in this university are invited to keep in touch, exchange information, share experiences, plan together cultural and recreational activities in the Alumni Community.

The extracurricular activities offered by the University will help the students to better understand and enjoy the most characteristic aspects of Italian culture. Every week the University organizes cultural events, exhibitions, art history conferences, screenings of Italian films and classical music concerts. Enrolled students can participate for free in the choir, the chamber orchestra and the theatre workshop of the University. They have also access to guided visits to historical and artistic monuments of Perugia, and weekend trips to the most important Italian cities.


The city of Perugia

Situated in central Italy, between Rome and Florence, Perugia is one of Italy’s most beautiful and interesting cities, with ancient artistic, cultural and historical traditions.

It’s the regional capital of Umbria, also known as the “Green Heart of Italy”. The city is immersed in nature: from the terrace of Palazzo Gallenga, you can admire a beautiful view of the lush green hills, which surrounds it. This town represents a combination of modernity and tradition, a place where ancient and modern landmarks coexist across a magnificent urban maze, in an effort to best entwine its historical memory with its ambition of modernity.

The city of Perugia is a lively and modern cultural centre characterised by a rich annual agenda of events and exhibitions, rendering it interesting all year round. Every year it is filled with people from all over the world attending events such as the Umbria Jazz Festival, Eurochocolate and the International Journalism Festival.


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