Master Degrees

What is a Master?

The Master Degree is a post-graduate specialisation degree that builds on a three-year degree (First-Level Master) or on a post graduate degree (Second-Level Master).

The program has a minimum duration of one academic year and corresponds to 60 educational credits.

The goal of the University for Foreigners of Perugia’s post-graduate degrees is to provide the skills and competences necessary for working in multilingual and multicultural international settings.

The Masters are grouped into three categories:

  • internationalising enterprises
  • communication and media
  • teaching Italian language and culture

In line with its institutional mission of teaching and promoting Italian language and culture, the University has offered a First-Level Master in Teaching Italian to Non-native Speakers for over fourteen years, producing teachers specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign or second language (LS/L2).

The course is intended for Italian and foreign graduates and utilises blended learning methods: 7 months of online distance learning via an e-learning platform and 2 months of face-to-face learning (classroom lessons and internships).

In addition, a First-Level Master in International Business and Intercultural Context has been offered since the 2017/2019 academic year.

The course is intended for Italian and foreign graduates and requires both classwork (400 hours) and hands-on experience (400 hours).