Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language

CELI (Italian Language Certification)


CELI (Italian Language Certification) are Italian language certifications aimed at educated adults assessing competence in Italian language usage. Expendible in the professional and academic domain.

  • CELI Impact (A1 Level)
  • CELI 1 (A2 Level)
  • CELI 2 (B1 Level)
  • CELI a (Adolescent)
  • CELI 3 (B2 Level)
  • CELI 4 (C1 Level)
  • CELI 5 (C2 Level)

CELI a (adolescents)

CELI adolescenti

Celi a (adolescents) are Italian language certifications aimed at adolescents between 13 and 17. Celi assesses communicative skills in usage of the Italian language in the educational and professional domain

  • CELI 1 a (A2)
  • CELI 2 a (B1)
  • CELI 3 a (B2)

The Italian Ministry of Research and Education acknowledges CELI 3 as an Italian language certification valid for enrolling in any Italian university within the quota-share for foreign students. CELI 4 and CELI 5 are valid titles to assess knowledge of Italian language on equal terms with Italian students.

DILS-PG (Certification in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language)


The Center for Evaluation and Language Certification Language also offers a certification for language teaching to meet the growing demand for certifications of pedagogic and didactic skills for teachers of Italian as a foreign language. The DILS - PG certifies the basical training of the teacher which is mandatory to enter the profession and validates pre-requisites. DILS-PG is a title to glottodidactic competence on the teaching of Italian as a Foreign Language also evaluated in state concourses, in selections and job interviews both in Italy and abroad. The certification is designed for Italian and foreign applicants.