Study plan

International studies for sustainability and social security

SSD Subjects taught  
1st year   CFU
M-STO/04 Contemporary history   9
IUS/13 International law  9
SPS/04 Comparative policy 9
SPS/06 Elements of global policy 6
ICAR/02 Disaster Risk Reduction 6
SECS-P/01 Political economics 6
SECS-s/05 Social statistics 6


One laboratory of choice, between:

Multilevel protection of fundamental rights

Computer science

  English lectureship bandiera del Regno Unito 3
  Spanish lectureship bandiera della Spagna 3
  Total 1st year 60
2nd year    
L-LIN/10 English Literature and International Politics bandiera del Regno Unito 6
ING-INF/05 Web security bandiera del Regno Unito 6
L-LIN/07 Spanish language and culture bandiera della Spagna 6
M-FIL/06 Filosofia de la sostenibilidad bandiera della Spagna  6
SECS-P/01 Green and Circular Economy bandiera del Regno Unito 6



One subject of choice, between:

Comparative Public Law bandiera del Regno Unito
Personal rights and protection of the weak




One subject of choice, between:

Africa and Globalization bandiera del Regno Unito
SEconomic history and globalisation 

  Choice of training activities* 6
  Two laboratories of choice, between:
Geopolitics and fourth phase of globalization (3 CFU) bandiera del Regno Unito
International Security Studies (3 CFU) bandiera del Regno Unito
Sociolinguistics of migration (3 CFU)
Acquisition of transversal skills (3 CFU)
  Total 2nd year 60
3rd year    
SPS/04 International relations 6
M-DEA/01 Global change and human resilience 6
IUS/13 Climate change and international protection 6
M-GGR/01 Digital geography 6



One subject of choice, between:

Democracy and social rights
Sociology of migration

  Choice of training activities 9
  Up to three laboratories, between:
Geopolitical scenarios in simulation (3 CFU) bandiera del Regno Unito
Academic writing (3 CFU) bandiera del Regno Unito
Cultures and religions in the globalised world (3 CFU)
3 - 6 - 9
  Work experience 6/12
  Final examination 6
  Total 3rd year 60