Free e-learning Course on Prenatal education and Conscious Parenthood

This Course is part of an Erasmus+ Project entitled “Parenting Education and Awareness of Community to Enable Social Inclusion of Teens Exposed to the risk of becoming parents - PEACE SITE”.

The Course aims to offer a learning opportunity for parents and professionals working in social and welfare contexts, with the following goals:

  • to offer skills and develop attitudes for a better communication with children/adolescents in order to support them in adopting a healthy lifestyle, through sex education and prenatal education, which is important for the psycho-physical health
  • to increase the level of knowledge in the field of effective approaches and methodologies in the field of prevention of adolescent pregnancy

The Course is divided into 9 modules, a total of 61 hours of e-learning teaching, evaluation and individual study courses, as indicated below:

  1. Parent-Child communication skills
  2. Sexuality development of children
  3. Development of child self esteem
  4. Forming child values
  5. Respecting the right of the child
  6. Prevention of unwanted pregnancies and STI
  7. Prenatal Ed. adapted to children and teenagers
  8. Emotional development of children
  9. The risks of digital tech. for children

At the end of the Course, and after passing a final online test, participants will receive a certificate that, for those entitled, will include 3 CFU.

You can register free of charge from August 2019.

How to register

  1. Access the Course website
  2. Click on "Elearning programs ERASMUS+ project"
  3. Click on "log-in" in the top right corner and create an account