Doctorate Degrees

A Doctorate degree represents the third and highest University qualification.

The course has a duration of three years.

To be accepted into a Doctorate Program, applicants must pass an entrance exam. 75% of available spots are covered by scholarships.

A Doctorate program, which includes study periods abroad, aims at providing the necessary skills and competences for conducting research at Universities as well as public and private institutions.

Within the framework of research internationalisation, the University for Foreigners of Perugia encourages Doctorate thesis to be co-advised, taking advantage of collaboration agreements with foreign universities.

The Doctorate program in Literature, Library Sciences, Linguistics and International Communications is sub-divided into four branches that focus on the main fields of research cultivated by the University:

  • Transmittance of Italian literature and cultural traditions throughout the world
  • Internationalisation of Communication
  • The Science of Literature and Writing
  • Linguistics and Philology

The Doctorate program is open to holders of a post-graduate degree (Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica), a degree predating Ministerial Decree n. 509/1999 with a minimum duration of four years, or an academic title granted by a foreign university that has been verified as adequate.

The call for applicants is announced every year with a Decree from the University Rector, published on this website.