Foreign students’ access to 1st and 2nd Level Master’s Degrees

Non-Italian EU citizens wherever resident and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy:

Candidates holding a degree equivalent to duration and content to a qualified Italian academic institution granting access to university can apply for registration to courses. Registration is, however, subject to the evaluation of title of equivalence by the academic bodies for the sole purpose of registration, as well as the successful completion of the entrance examinations, where applicable.

Candidates must submit their applications directly to the university, in the manner and terms established by each university, attaching the documentation requested, duly accompanied by an official translation into Italian.

The translation must be legalized by a declaration made by the competent Italian Representation in the country of reference to the law of the institution that issued the permit
This translation can be made by a local translator and students must request certification of validation of the translation to the Italian diplomatic representative. If in Italy, applicants may resot to the area Tribunal and to official translators of the Tribunal.

Applicants who have not yet achieved the completion of documents with the above consular acts, and are unable to provide in person or through third parties, are requested to send the documents by appropriate postal means (registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, insured or registered or other means providing similar guarantees) to the aforementioned Italian representatives abroad. The latter, after regularization, must return them to the sender, and where possible, by registered mail or other means providing similar guarantees. Candidates who have a degree obtained in Italy must hold the certificate of professional qualification to practice when required

Non-EU citizens resident abroad

Registration norms for university master courses do not apply to the provisions for the enrollment in graduate and postgraduate, since the entry procedures of masters do not follow a scheduled timetable.

A) Application submittance

Candidates are required to submit their applications for participation in a master course, together with the qualification obtained, directly to the University following the procedures and within the deadlines. This procedure applies also in the case of masters instituted by the University in collaboration with public or private institutions. They may also apply for the enrollment foreign applicants holding a degree equivalent in duration and content to Italian academic qualification required for access to the chosen course.

B) Role of the Representations

The diplomatic-consular authorities, in view of the schedule and timing of inception the Master courses, and upon University acceptance, and after having effected the consular acts of their competence with reference to diplomas and certifications, grant an entry visa for study reasons / and University attendance related to that of the course that the student intends to follow, as listed below:

  • applicant has not provided evidence of admission
  • if the evidence of admission to a Master course is conducted in a manner not requiring the applicant’s physical presence in Italy (for example on-line or by telephone interview), on presentation of documents certifying evidence of the same

Representatives may grant an entry visa for a short stay for study in case the candidate is to take an admission test in presentia, to take place before the beginning of the course.

C) Role of Universities

Universities receiving the application for admission to the Master communicate acceptance of the student and the results of admission tests, if any, to the competent Representatives for the subsequent completion of the necessary documentation, which will be made only if the applicants suceed in the Master concourse selection, and also for the mandatory visa The assessment of qualifications for access to university masters, pertains uniquely to the academic bodies.