Conversation courses in italian language

Levels B and C

Conversation courses are part of the Italian language and culture distance learning courses offered. They aim at fostering linguistic interaction in Italian between students and teacher.

Though at a distance, all courses are held "face to face" (synchronous lessons), therefore with the active involvement of the students.

At each lesson students interact with each other and with the teacher, discussing about topics of Italian culture and news.

The four weeks courses host a minimum of 5 students.

Weekly schedule

4 hours per week in synchronous mode.
Each synchronous lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Timetable of synchronous lessons

 Course calendar

Month Test/exam
3 - 28 January 28 January
1 - 28 February 28 February
1 - 28 March 28 March
4 - 29 April 29 April
2 - 27 May 27 May
1 - 28 June 28 June
4 - 29 July 29 July
1 - 26 August 26 August
1 - 28 September 28 September
3 - 28 October 28 October
2 - 29 November 29 November
1 - 23 December 23 December


6 January 
29 January 
18 April 
25 April 
1 May
2 June 
15 August 
1 November
8 December 
From 24 December 2022 to 1 January 2023 

Courses fees

The registration fee for conversation courses is 150 euros.
Students already enrolled in a language course are entitled to a 50% reduction on the cost of the course.

Access to Conversation Courses

Before the course begins, an oral interview with a teacher is scheduled to verify the students' level of linguistic competence.

Certificate of attendance

Upon student's request, and only after verification by the secretary's office of the regularity of attendance at the course (at least 70% of lessons), a certificate of attendance can be issued.

Technical requirements

  • Operating systems: MS Windows (XP or later), Linux, Mac OS X.
  • Browser: Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox (recommended), Safari, Opera. For any browser you must enable cookies and Javascript.
  • Hardware: audio microphone and webcam. We recommend headphones with built-in microphone.

Once registered the student will receive an email address through which he or she can join the virtual classes of the courses.

 How to access Microsoft Teams

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