Second level intermediate course [B2]


  • To interact with native speakers without too much effort in formal and informal contexts
  • To understand the content of complex texts of both a concrete and abstract nature and of technical and literary topics
  • Know how to produce clear texts on several topics and express opinions on current issues.


Access to the second level of the intermediate course is allowed to those who:

  • Have attended a level I intermediate course (B1) and passed te final exam or equivalent test
  • Have been assigned to the beginners course level II (B2), on the basis of an entry test
  • Are in possession of CELI 2 or equivalent certificate of knowledge of the Italian language issued by another institution and approved by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Weekly teaching hours (*)

Subjects [B2]
Italian Language 9
Aspects of Italian Culture 3
Speaking Practice 6
Pronunciation 2
Total classroom hours per week 20