Second level intermediate course [B2]


The objective of the course is to allow students to interact with a native speaker without great difficulty in formal and informal situations and to understand the fundamental ideas of complex texts in concrete and abstract, as well as technical and literary topics. They must be able to write clear articles on several topics and express their opinions on current events, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. The 2nd Level Intermediate Course provides students with linguistic competences equivalent to the CELI 3 Certificate.



The basic course lasts three months and calls for 20 classroom hours per week. The supplementary course has a duration of one or two months.



Admission to the 2nd Level Intermediate Course is granted to:

  • Students who have attended the 1st Level Intermediate Course.
  • Students who have been assigned to the 2nd Level Intermediate Course by the entrance exam.
  • Students who have a CELI 2 or equivalent Italian Language Certificate issued by another institution similar to the University for Foreigners Perugia.

Weekly subjects (*)


Subjects [B2]
Intensive Hours
Italian Language 9
Aspects of Italian Culture 3
Speaking Practice 6
Pronunciation 2
Total classroom hours per week
20 29

(*) 2nd Level Intermediate Course students can choose one of the following subjects from the 1st Level Advanced Course syllabus (3 hours per week) and sit for the exam: History of the Cinema, History of Music, History of the Theatre and Art Terminology and Techniques.

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