The support services provided have been put in place to fully meet the needs of the International student population and to resolve problems faced by students who are studying abroad. The extracurricular activities organised and offered by the University will help the student to better understand and enjoy the most characteristic aspects of Italian culture and civilisation, helping them in their integration into the city and its cultural life.


Language and computer labs

studenti nel laboratorio informatico

The University has language labs which are used by the teachers during the courses of Italian language. There are also computer and linked multimedia labs with advanced application software and internet access.

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WIFI network

WIFI Both Palazzo Gallenga and the other four campus buildings on via XIV Settembre are covered by the University Wi-Fi network. All registered students may gain access to the network. Instructions on how to gain access and details of the covered areas can be found on the University website.

You can get your password at the Centro Elaborazione Dati (4th floor Palazzo Gallenga).


Central library

reading students The University Central Library is located in the Palazzina Valitutti building in the “Santa Margherita” urban park in via XIV Settembre. The library is specialized in literature, history and Italian Art history, Etruscan studies, linguistics and similar studies. It contains 80,000 volumes and more than 150 Italian and foreign magazines. It is equipped with all of the manuals and texts used in the official study programmes of the University. The library is a member of the National Library Service (SBN) where data of all Italian member libraries can be consulted.

The catalogue of the of the libraries of the University is accessible online.
The OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) contains approximately 30,000 bibliographic records for books from the collection of the libraries since 1989.

Tel. +39 075 5746 704
E-mail biblio (at)


Centre for bibliographical orientation and for documentation

This structure provides teachers and students with bibliographic data banks (on-line and on CD- ROMs), offers assistance for bibliographical research and for the elaboration of bibliographies. It also searches for and provides documents, inter-librarian book loans and manages the historical archives of the University.

Tel. 075 5746 245 // e-mail prestito (at)



The students of the University for Foreigners may take advantage of the Università degli Studi cafeteria for inexpensive meals and snacks.

They must go the following office with their Student ID Card to get a pass: A.Di.S.U.- Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario Via Benedetta, 14 - Perugia.


Health clinic

In the Palazzo Gallenga, a health clinic is open to students of the University for Foreigners where they can enjoy free access to basic medical assistance.

Palazzo Gallenga
Piazza Fortebraccio 4
Tel. +39/075/57 46 306

Monday: ore 17.00-19.00
Tuesday: chiuso
Wednesday: ore 12.00-14.00
Thursday: chiuso
Friday: ore 10.00-12.00
Satuday closed



In the hall of Palazzo Gallenga there is a small bank with an ATM from which students can activate a prepaid credit card or open a bank account if they are registered with courses that exceed a period of more than six months.


Police station

The police station is located in the main building of the University, Palazzo Gallenga. Residence permits for students are issued here.

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